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about GoldFinch
now a tampa, florida based designer - my life's first journey took me to live and/or work in the philippines, india, qatar, england and south africa - all very different - but with one thing in common - everyone irrespective of culture has a place they call HOME

what i've noticed in my travels is that most of us have similar needs and wants from our 'home' ... somewhere that reflects who we are (or are aspiring to be), suits our lifestyle, and provides refuge - a place that forms a part of the kaleidoscope of our experiences with loved ones - the backdrop to our memories

there is something deeply fulfilling in being asked to be a part of that journey

my goal is to help you
FIRST visualize your idea with the power of e-design providing a FOUNDATION from which to launch your refresh or remodel

our homes are often our biggest
INVESTMENT... take the time to plan accordingly

floor plans | mood & materials boards | 3D conceptualization | source your look

janine finch

Gold Bird Left_300x.png
Blue Bird_300x.png
Feather Gold_300x.png
Silver Feather_300x.png


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